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A letter of Nourizad to Iran’s Khamenei (28 Questions)

An interesting letter of Nourizad, a famous Iranian political prisoner, to Iran’s Dictator Original letter is in Farsi. Here is a brief translation.

Which regime is really more ethical, Islamic Iran or Secular US?
In the name of intellect’s GOD

Hello to the respected leader, great Ayatollah Khamenei.

A characteristic of days and nights in prison, is that the prisoner can recall his/her old friends into his prison ward, and have an imaginative talk to them. One of my continual companions here is YOU. Your presence here in my solitude ward, gave me a sense to share lots of my questions with you and in that imaginary conversation, get my answers. But recently, questions arise that your answers to them could help people and authorities and clear the road ahead of us and you. Deliberately, I ask this questions as a religious questionnaire to address both your religious premiership and your political leadership.

Dear Leader!
I know a country in the world that is entangled in immorality. That country has a long history in murder and havoc. It’s haughty. Most of people around the world hate it. You always call it “enemy”. That country is the big evil. It’s US. To confront that country as we call it “the dangerous scorpion”, an Islamic revolution has emerged. A revolution objectant to that country. A revolution with lots of wishes. A revolution that was supposed to demonstrate real human and humanity and return the global community to the correct path. A revolution for true freedom. A revolution that promised nothing but justice, rectitude, growth and opposition toleration. A revolution that focused on Iranian culture and targeted all human borders. Today, 32 years has passed from that revolution. Most of this period, you’ve been the leader of this revolution. A revolution that started by your help, has been set up by you, turned left and right by your orders, shouted or kept silent by your order. I don’t care that today, people in Finland, are the first in quality of life, US is 11th and Iranian people are 79th in this rating. But I want to know that from “CULTURAL” point of view, as the central trend of our revolution, where on intellect’s world we stand now.

A revolution that promised nothing but justice, rectitude, growth and opposition toleration. A revolution that focused on Iranian culture and targeted all human borders. Today, 32 years has passed from that revolution. Most of this period, you’ve been the leader of this revolution. A revolution that started by your help, has been set up by you, turned left and right by your orders, shouted or kept silent by your order.

I don’t care that today, people in Finland, are the first in quality of life, US is 11th and Iranian people are 79th in this rating. But I want to know that from “CULTURAL” point of view, as the central trend of our revolution, where on intellect’s world we stand now. In this questions, I don’t ask about sending Omid Satellite onto orbit of the earth, or uranium enrichment or stem cells cause such achievements can’t prevent our bankruptcy. If such achievements could have even a little effect on perpetuity of a political regime, the soviet republics of Russia, wouldn’t collapse and go to history museums. Among our possessions, only those related to culture and social morality, affect our legitimacy.

Therefore, I make all my questions in cultural, moral and social fields compared with the country that you frequently talk about and call it “enemy”. We all say that US is culturally disordered and its social systems are messy. This comparison is the best and the very fair comparison that can assist many of us clarify our ambiguities. In these questions, I’ve never compared technological, scientific, economic issues. I’ve just discussed the central value and central wish of our revolution, (i.e. cultural growth

Now, here are my questions asking from the leader, and religious premier of many Iranian and non-Iranian people. The questions need your direct answers. Before raising the questions, let’s say that I was in US prior to the Islamic revolution in Iran and I’m familiar with Americans’ cultural, social and political considerations. I’ve relocated from US back to Iran cause of the interesting wishes and promises of the revolution. Around my country, I’ve decided to work in most poor and outlying regions like Sistan & Baluchestan, Hormozgan and bashagerd. I’ve been an author in my country. My papers on “the world after US” clearly shows that I eyed Iran Islamic revolution to shine in the world rather that staring on US extermination. According to this, my intention is not enthusiasm to US. The reason for asking these questions is the discrepancies that I see. I ask the questions is a sincerely manner to receive your answers so that me and many others get out of this serious ambiguity and amazement.

Question 1: Privacy
It’s highly emphasized in Islam and other religions to respect people’s privacy. After the revolution, it’s easily ignored and government forces enter private areas so frequently. It’s so obvious and very common. Just recently, Ayatollah Sane’ee ‘s house is attacked by religious gangsters under full support umbrella of police. In US, privacy is strongly recognized and respected by the government and judiciary system. Now, please let us know your opinion. which one is closer to our Islamic religious beliefs?

Question 2: Rights of minorities
In US, religious minorities and even irreligious groups and evil worshippers enjoy the same level of freedom as Christians. They all have the right to build their own worshipping houses. Muslims are building a mosque close to September 11th attacks and when opposed by some families of victims, US judiciary system strongly supported Muslim’s rights. But in here, after the revolution minorities situation got worse and worse and we even don’t let Sunni Muslims to build their own mosque in Tehran. We destroy Muslim Darvishs’ Mosque and force non-Muslim women to wear Islamic Hijab, to which they don’t believe religiously. Now, which government is acting closer to religious beliefs, Iran or US?

Question 3: Narcotic & drug consumption
Iran is rated the first country in the world in narcotic and drug use. This shows social and humanity values disorders in our country. Talking about Uranium enrichment and stem cells technologies and sending satellite to the earth’s orbit while lots of young people are heavy users of drugs, is like a well-dressed man with oiled beautiful hair and tie but wearing slippers. This is a real shame for a cultural revolution. So, which government is better considering its people, Capitalist US or deeply Islamic Iran?

Question 4: Lying
Americans are trained and abetted so that most of them do not lie and hate lying. The higher the post, the more important is this value. It’s almost impossible or very rare for an American prosecutor to lie. What about our country? Our prosecutor writes lies, broadcast his lies, as easy as drinking a glass of water. Here are few examples. Our prosecutor reports Zahra Kazemi’s murder as caesura, writes our young boys killing in Kahrizak as meningitis. So, dear Aytollah Khamenei, what do you think? Regarding authorities lying, which one is acting more Islamic? Iran or US?

Question 5: Veto-like right by Iran government against Iranians
We’ve heard a lot from you talking about Veto right, which is an unjust and unreasonable right. Americans are one of the countries having Veto right in the UN and abuse it against other countries. And here in my country, there’s a right much the same as Veto right. The story of “insiders” and “outsiders” and unregulated and unlimited supervision by guardian council is actually a non-written Veto right. This power or unjust right is abused to give opportunities to “insiders” and exclude “outsiders”. So, US government and Iran government both use some sort of Veto right but there’s still a difference. Americans use it against other countries but, bravely and shamelessly, we use it against Iranians and claim being religious, Muslim and god proponent. According to your religious opinions, which one is ungodly? Iran or US?

Question 6: Freedom of speech
Glorious and great Leader!
You are one of the few leaders in history who spoke so much. And of course your speeches are homiletics and pearl-like. I’m absolutely sure that you enjoy and revel such a level of freedom to speak so comfortably and unlimited about everything. But this joy is limited to you. The more distance a person has from you, the less joy and more limitations exist regarding freedom of speech and when it comes down to normal people, nothing exist. For sure, Iranian people have zero freedom of speech, totally against our religious beliefs and documents. And you, only you, are the single individual who enjoys freedom of speech deeply over this land. And over there in the US, every one, young and old enjoy this freedom to speak to authorities end express their corruption and penalties very fluently and without any stammer. Again in this matter, we see that Americans are more interested in our religious values and implement it in their actions. Now, which regime is more Islamic and religious and godly? Iran or US?

Question 7: Military forces meddling in politics
Certainly you are well aware that American military forces are never permitted to meddle in political, economic and cultural affairs. In fact, US army forces are so concerned and busy about their own business, internal and international security, that have no free time to get involved in economic or other non-related affairs. This attitude is wholly against our military forces here in Iran, where military forces have undisguised influence on lawmakers, meddling in everything, organize gangsters gangs to attack opposition figures, and do every crime to get their own candidates out of polls. So, what’s your word on this? Which is the correct system? Iran or US?

Question 8: Freedom of media & press
One of the promises and wishes behind the revolution was freedom of media and press to speak, analyze and unfold corruptions. Now 32 years later, our media is almost dead. Nowhere is as bad as Iran expect very few dictatorship regimes like us. And at the other side in US, there’s lots of freedom, although it’s not totally unlimited. A pieces of text on a national or even local magazine in US can start a serious prosecution against a top ranging authority and here in Iran, reporters are always afraid of the heavy threats. Now, honestly, which is ethical and godly?

Question 9: Freedom of media & press
During the years of revolution, we aimed to establish a regime in which, all have freedom of ideology and equal social facilities, even communists. And now, even some founders of the revolution, some revolutionary parties, and close allies and kindred of Imam Khomeini are not tolerated. There in US, such a level of freedom exists at universities and in here, we suppress all religions and ideologies to bolden ourselves.

Question 10: Freedom of film making
In us, in addition to government-supported film makers, who produce ordered movies, independent film makers also have the opportunity to create their own movies and even on governmental and security topics. An example is Michael Moore who seriously criticized Bush administration policies. On this side, there’s no freedom not only for making movies for example about chained murders, or about your personality, or about lawmakers corruption, prosecution file of Saeed Imami’s wife, incompetence of a minister, a school manager or a simple soldier. All these are impossible and even worse, it’s not possible to make a documentary film from Iran streets and the written slogans and appositive sentences on the walls written by people.

Question 11: Tribunes and TVs
In Iran, the worst and heaviest ban is imposed on TV and it’s limited to the government. This means that the regime doesn’t trust the people and their intellect and people are forced just to see, read and hear what the regime says and believe it without any question. A hidden meaning behind this restrictions is that the regime is seriously fragile and weakened. That side of the river, in US, we see lots of free and independent TV channels. Let’s tell you that this is exactly according to our holy book, Quran, where says, God has given freedom to people to see different ways and choose the best as per their own conclusions.

Question 12: State-run media repeat lying
State-run TV in Iran is very busy with producing and broadcasting lies and lies under your direct supervision and leadership. Most of these lies are so stupidly fabricated that even inexperienced young people find it out. In US lying is socially and culturally prevented and media cant’s lie so easy.

Question 13: Hiporisy
This is very common in our regime. You know that it’s against our religion and our religion goes far beyond that and says avoid evil and bad behaviors. For example, when a university instructor comes to you, he or she expresses a totally different personality from the reality. Just note that this is an undefined term in US.

Question 14: Police attacks on opposition, normal people and student dorms
In US, police protects every one against violence and here our police creates and organizes violence against people and attacks opposition figures like Mr. Karroubi.

Question 15: Police opening fire to unarmed people in the streets
In US, police doesn’t shoot bullets to normal people in the streets, doesn’t throw them down from the bridges, and doesn’t run vehicles onto people in the streets. So frequent bloodsheds are ignored but tearing a photo of Imam Khomeini is a top important issue. Which regime is more respecting humanity?

Question 16: We are political prisoners imprisoned by you
No political prisoners in US. Where is the real freedom?

Question 17: I’m one of prisoners who are jailed just for speaking or writing letters
Free speech and writing public letters and criticizing the authorities is being done in US frequently on a daily basis.

Question 18: We hope better intellect and understanding for you
Your regime is openly banning instructor to speak as per their scientific knowledge and understanding in universities because of presence of intelligent service members inside almost every university and school class and every office.

Question 19: Gathering ban in Iran
Many people like me are imprisoned just for attending in rallies. If you just get out of leadership chair and come to our prison wards, you will laugh at our files and guilt. Please let us know which opposition party or group could have a coordinated and government permitted rally during the past thirty years that you expect us to be the second?

Question 20: We are empoisoned just for asking questions about the president
Is criticizing a president who openly speaks offensively to his own country people, so costly?

Question 21: If last year’s election events happen in US, government will soon collapse
So much bloodshed and crimes happened by the regime in Iran last year. If that was the case in US, many top ranking authorities would be dismissed and prosecuted for their crimes.

Question 22: Islam is downfallen in Iran & Afghanistan only
Who is causing people to hate Islam? Is it you or US regime?

Question 23: NGOs are suppressed in Iran
In US NGOs are performing valuable assistance to social groups and help in corruption detection.

Question 24: In Abu-Quraib prison, no one was raped or killed
Here in kahrizak, so much tortures, rape and murder happened just for rallying. These crimes are not done by Israili agents, it’s by Islamic regieme.

Question 25: Clinton’s only one lie caused so much judiciary reaction
Our president is always lying and nothing happen to him.

Question 26: US provides tribunes for Ahmadinejad
The reason is that they are confident to their social and cultural systems. In Iran, not Obama’s speech in an Iranian university, not even Mr. Khatami, our previous president, is not tolerated.

Question 27: Reputation and public opinions
Public pressure caused Pope to oppologize for the crimes in churches. This is valuable in training future generations on how important are social values. In Iran, do you ever considered public acceptance or satisfaction?

Question 28: We claim we have a religious regime and US doesn’t claim so
As we are religious, our actions must be full of justice, honesty, kindness, peace, forgiveness, toleration, freedom, etc. Now, where are these important values respected, considered and implemented? Iran or US?

Future will soon clarify everything.
Sincerely yours
Mohammad Nourizad
Evin Prison

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